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Cacao seeds

Cacao Urbain

Visit a cacao plantation
and explore Honduras

Notre ferme de cacao, située dans la réserve naturelle privée Hacienda Tara (25-30 minutes en voiture de l' aéroport international de La Mesa ), est composée de +1800 cacaoyers (1,7 hectares environ).  

À l'origine, les arbres ont été plantés pour répondre à l'une des exigences de l' ICF , afin d'obtenir la certification de réserve privée. La méthode (Sistema agroforestal) et les espèces utilisées ont été sélectionnées, recommandées et appliquées avec l'aide de la FHIA .  

Nous construisons actuellement nos installations de fermentation et de séchage, un bâtiment où nous espérons pouvoir bientôt installer des ateliers et fabriquer d'autres produits comme le chocolat, le tout à partir de nos propres cabosses de cacao.  

Vous voulez nous rendre visite ? Êtes-vous intéressé à animer des ateliers ou à en assister à un avec nous? Cliquez ici !

Three different types of clones were selected, based on the recommendation made by the same institution, for their fine flavor and aroma. The farm is more than 5 years old, and in 2022 we had our first official harvest. Before that, the fruit was left mostly for animal consumption.


The first challenge we ran into was knowing the current state of the plantation and understanding its management. Thanks to contacts made in the chocolate world in Honduras and abroad, we are everyday expanding our operation, and learning more about this "food of gods".

We have built our cacao processing building, which we hope will become a chocolate school in the future. Thanks to the collaboration with Chelsea Southart, a US artist, our building has also become the basis of a work, the VeGa Prism. Do you want to know more about this project? Click here!

VeGa prism - Chelsea Southart

Come visit our plantation inside the natural private reserve Hacienda Tara in the city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

We offer accommodation, transport airport-our facilities and vice versa, a tour to see our farm, and the opportunity to experience firsthand the cacao post harvesting processes from tree to roasted beans (nibs), in a non-industrial homemade way you can replicate at home.

Our staff will guide you through an amazing experience in a curated, fun, and safe environment.

The tour can be enjoyed by people from different ages.

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Want to visit us?

Are you interested in hosting workshop or attending one with us?

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